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A clean world starts with clean energy

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Passive Energy, a leading provider of innovative solutions for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

At our company, we understand that energy usage is a major expense for industries, businesses, and households. Which is why we have developed a service that reduces energy consumption, saves money, and improves productivity.

Unique Technology

Our unique technology is designed to optimize the electrical network, eliminating the need for most maintenance and repairs, while also cleaning the system for maximum efficiency.

Cost Reduction

By reducing energy consumption, our service helps businesses save money on their energy bills, while also reducing their carbon footprint. Our cutting-edge technology also improves productivity by ensuring that businesses can focus on their core activities, without being distracted by energy-related issues.

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How it works

What is Capacitive Filter?

The capacitive filter is an electronic equipment that has autonomous technology in parallel in the network, responsible for filtering and diverting interference that causes distortion to the ground, including the harmonic frequencies that are present in the electrical network.

The Capacitive Filters are exclusively developed to ensure 0% internal humidity. These filters are designed to optimize the electrical network and correct distortions that can cause significant damage to motors and electronic equipment used in various settings, including industry, commerce, and homes.


Our socio-environmental responsibility in relation to energy is of paramount importance in today’s world. As we face the pressing challenges of climate change, dwindling natural resources, and environmental degradation, it becomes crucial for individuals, communities, and organizations to take proactive measures in managing our energy consumption and its impact on the planet.

By embracing sustainable practices, such as transitioning to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and promoting conservation, we can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, and safeguard our ecosystems. Furthermore, our socio-environmental responsibility extends beyond environmental considerations, encompassing social equity and economic justice.

By ensuring access to clean and affordable energy for all, we can bridge the energy gap, empower marginalized communities, and foster inclusive development. Ultimately, by embracing our socio-environmental responsibility in relation to energy, we can create a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for generations to come.

Year Lifespan
Year Warranty

Customer reviews

5 to SEC (Marajoara Serviços de Lavanderia Ltda), declares to whom it may be interested that the capacitive filters that protect and reduce electricity, from the company Lumilight Corp, brought savings of approximately 15%, in addition to the protection of electrical and electronic equipment, in the first month of operation of our electricity bill, a result obtained by monitoring production for ninety days. We also emphasize the assistance and good performance of the professionals at Distribuidora Ecohot, with a view to reducing the company’s costs.


Lumilight Corp presented itself as a responsible and punctual service provider in compliance with the contracted service for the installation of capacitive filters and capacitor bank, with these equipment providing us with a 12% reduction in energy consumption and protection in our electrical equipment. In addition to trained professionals to perform the services.


We attest for due purposes that, after installing the automated Capacitive Filter from Lumilight Corp, installed in our unit located at Av. João Câncio da Silva, 1240 – Manaíra, Paraíba, we emphasize that we obtained a significant reduction in the replacement of light bulbs and in the maintenance of our electrical and electronic equipment, in addition to the reduction in our energy bill by an average of 19.45%. We recommend the installation of this equipment to other companies, as it fulfills what it promises and the team provides full support and follow-up. Therefore, we remain at your disposal for any clarification.

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  • Parallel Automation System (Unique and exclusive).
  • Polyester electrolytic capacitors, with exclusive responsibility for capturing noise (waste).
  • Varistors (DPS board – Surge protection device – up to 680V peak voltage). Components responsible for protection by diverting surges to proper grounding.
  • The other components in the circuit make these components act faster and more sensitively in picking up noise and providing better protection.
Selective Frequency Equation


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